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Snap Action Fill Caps

Cap Sizes

Tedeco uses the standardized "modular" approach to filler cap assembly. We have three basic sizes into which we fabricate five coupling styles. Then we may add a long hinge pin, (the cap is self-closing), a lockband feature, or one of three special breathing systems. We have "designed-in" the maximum of flexibility in this family of filler cap assemblies.

Action snap oil filler caps

Modular approach to oil filler caps assembly Self closing oil fill caps

Tedeco employs three standard filler sizes of snap caps as "building blocks". Each unit may be used alone, or have standard (or a special) mount arrangement added.


Opening Dia. 

MF950  1.40 1.26 1.00 0.44 0.88
MF911  2.20 1.56 1.50 0.56 1.25
MF921   3.31 2.02 2.38 0.63 2.00

Standard Adapters

Standard snap action oil filler capsThe five adapters shown below represent our standard "modular" line. They will be suitable for most general applications. However, we would be happy to design a unique mounting arrangement should your application require it. Please contact our engineering department.

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Custom filler caps and adapters

Model  D E Throat
of Basic
Cap Design
MF973  1.87 1.32 .024 .180 1.56 .88 MF-950
MF910  2.50 2.32 .220 .218 2.13 1.25 MF-911
MF962  3.75 2.83 .229 .282 3.25 2.00 MF-921

Oil caps and adapters for aircraft and transportation industries

Self closing oil fill caps with adapter

Standard snap action oil filler caps

Model  Thread  Hex. 
MF-9380-1  1 NPT 1.75 .41 .75
MF-9380-2  1 ¼ NPT 1.75 .50 1.00
MF-9380-3  1 ½ NPT 2.00 .62 1.00

Stainless steel oil filler caps

Large filler caps for aircraft and transportation

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Standard Accessories

Tedeco has combined the three standard sizes of snap caps, with lockband feature, and three types of breathers to fit your application.

Snap caps with lockband features and breathers

Superior air filtration and pressure fluctuations

Ordering Information

The Tedeco Snap-Cap optional features include: locking bands (LK), to pad lock filler in the closed position; vent holes (V), to relieve system pressure fluctuations; foam filter (B), to filter incoming air in routine applications, and micron filtration (VM), for superior air filtration. Once opened, standard filler caps remain in the open position; for automatic closure, order option (P). See the table below for ordering examples.

Follow this model number format and sequence:

Basic Model 
Vent  Foam
MF952, etc. 

Example: MF952 cap, lockband, vent, and auto-close feature:

MF952 LK V     P

Order: MF952LKVP

Remember, when ordering vent or filter options, use only one designator: V, B, VM; for non-vented, omit the designator. For standard "stay-open" caps omit the "P".
Example: MF921 cap, non-vented, and standard "stay-open" feature order: MF921.

All dimensions are in inches unless other wise specified

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