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The Quantitative Debris Monitoring System is an on-line, full flow, diagnostic system that captures, retains and remotely indicates wear debris (flakes) generated by surface fatigue failure (spalling) of a failing oil-wetted part.

Early warning of impending failure is provided well in advance of loss of function giving time to schedule shutdown and maintenance.
The system consists of a sensor, sensor housing, sensor valve, signal conditioning electronics and interconnecting cable.

Sensors may be located either within a screen or special Lubriclone® housing which utilizes centrifugal force to concentrate and enhance the debris collection efficiency of the sensor.

To collect and indicate particles which have settled, the sensor may be located at the bottom of an oil pump or reservoir.

Quantitative Debris Monitoring SystemReliable

  • QDM Sensor captures and retains magnetic (ferrous) wear debris for visual inspection.

  • Self-closing Valve permits the leak free collection of wear debris for verification and analysis frequently without oil loss or the need for equipment shutdown.

  • Lubriclone or Screen Sensor Housing yield greater than 90% debris capture efficiency, and operate with acceptable pressure drop.

Diagram - how the sensor works Lubriclone or screen sensor housing for debris capture

PC Interfaceable

  • Remotely indicates debris capture events via RS232 or 4-20 milliamp outputs.

  • System can be merged with customer acquisition software.

  • Data can be stored for verification and analysis.

  • Real-time trending can be charted by customer provided software.

  • Automatic "Built-In-Test" (BIT) on "Start-up" or "Operator initiated" (BIT) at anytime.

  • single processor with six separate debris sensors


  • Microprocessor allows customization of threshold and alarm settings.

  • Keypad entry accesses multiple display modes

  • Inductively senses debris particles greater than 250 um.

  • Debris trending to distinguish non-failure related “normal” debris particles from actual failure.

  • System can monitor up to six QDM Sensors.

The QDM System can be customized to fit any engine application situation.

  • Sensor Housing or screen

  • Full Flow or By Pass

  • Particle size threshold settings

  • Customer data acquisition software

  • Count exceedance alarm settings

  • Multiple engines/sensors

  • Self Closing Valve

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