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Duplex Debris Monitor

Early Detection of Lube System Gear and Bearing Failures for High-Value Power Generation or Non-Interruptible Production

full flow debris sensors and housing fro lubrication systemsThe Duplex debris monitor is an on-line, full flow debris sensor and housing for lubrication systems, that captures, retains and remotely indicates magnetic wear debris, generated by surface fatigue failures of oil-wetted, components, in real-time.

The sensor-retained debris can be removed and analyzed for further information about the nature and site of the impending failure, in many cases, without the need to shut down the equipment being monitored!

On-line, early warning of potential failures can be provided well in advance of actual loss of function, permitting repairs to be performed during scheduled shutdowns, with little or no loss of precious, expensive, operating time.

captures, retains, and remotely indicates magnetic wear debris The Duplex monitor consists of a scavenge or return line-mounted, dual chamber housing, with a rated flow up to 30 gpm of lubricating oil. The chambers, each with its own debris sensor, are mounted in an alternate-flow arrangement. Typically, only one chamber is used to monitor the total flow from the system. If the powerful magnetic sensor captures gear or bearing debris, a remote signal alerts the operator to switch the flow to the alternate chamber. The first chamber, now isolated from the oil, may be depressurized and opened to retrieve the debris particles for inspection and analysis, without the need to shut down the host machinery.

dual chamber housing, with a rated flow up to 30 gpm of lubrication oil

This system is suitable for high-value stationary or mobile equipment, where cessation of operation for unscheduled maintenance cannot be tolerated. For further information, contact Tedeco's sales department with your application.

General Application Notes

  • Part number:    

  • 3N8517:  1-˝" NPTS Female fittings

  • 3N8517-1: 37° Flare end fitting, 1-5/16-12Un-2A thread

  • 3N8517-2: 1-˝" NPTF Female fitting

  • Pressure Drop:

  • 5.0 psid at 30gpm of Mil-L7808 or 23699 Lube Oil at 250°F

  • Materials of construction:

  • Duplex housing - 304 stainless steel

  • Plug lifting and sensor-select handles - ASTM A48 class 30 Cast Iron with gray enamel paint finish

  • Internal seals - Viton

  • Duplex Monitor features:

  • Two independent isolated ground chip detectors with 0.065" radial chip gap.

  • Choice of cast iron or stainless steel housing.

  • Contamination-resistant tapered plug valve for chip detector chamber selection.

  • Tapered plug lifting mechanism permits low friction plug valve operation for sensor selection.

  • "Finger-grip" release knobs permit tool-free sensor removal.

  • Sensor-select handle points to "on-line" sensor.

  • On-line sensor may be isolated and removed for inspection, with no loss of oil, even with an operating system.

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