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Capture wear-generated debris in transmissions & gearboxes!
Early warning of failure in gears & bearings!

Magnetic chip collection is the most economical and direct form of lube system failure detection in use today. Usually located in a gearbox or reservoir drain plug location, the magnetic chip collector captures and retains particles for later removal and off-line analysis. This device is differentiated from the ubiquitous magnetic drain plug through the use of a unique self-closing valve, which permits the chip collector to be withdrawn without loss of lube or hydraulic oil. It is no longer necessary to wait until an oil change to assess the condition of critical gears and bearings. The chip collector can also be line-mounted, closer to the potential failure point, for fault isolation or even greater assurance of detecting a failure.

Why choose Tedeco magnetic chip collectors?

  • Economical and easy to install

  • Facilitates periodic inspection for failure or early wear

  • For new designs or retrofit onto existing lubrication systems

  • Unique self-closing loss of oil when removed

  • Available in a wide variety of thread sizes and diameters

  • Available with special adapter and hose for convenient “no spill” lubricant drainage

A wide range of standard designs are available. The detail dimensions should be checked against your own application for thread type, overall size, internal and external clearances, mounting plate thickness and mounting location (line mount versus reservoir or gearbox location)

Depend on Tedeco for innovative solutions 
to fluid system problems!

A wide range of standard designs are available:

Standard design of magnetic chip collectorsModel 3A7739
UN (Standard)
Thread Series

Model 3A7740
Metric Thread Series

Lubrication System DiagnosticsModel 3A7741
Pipe Thread Series

Drain Adapter Mates
with Chip Collector

Magnetic Chip Collector Applications Include:

  • Vehicular gearboxes and transmissions, light rail propulsion systems, roller mill and construction equipment gearboxes, gas turbines, aircraft and hydraulic pumps and motors in a wide variety of applications.
  • For diagnostic use anywhere that there are oil-lubricated gears or ball/roller bearings.
  • Some designs may be removed and inspected without the need to shut down equipment for inspection.

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