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see level sight gauges designed for direct observation“See Level” Sight Gages

“See Level” sight gages are designed for direct observation of the actual liquid level. The three available sizes of plastic domes offer the most cost effective solution to your liquid level indicating requirements.
Standard materials include a die cast aluminum housing, acrylic plastic sight dome, Buna-N gasket, and aluminum alloy reflector.
Maximum temperature and pressure is +180°F (+82°C) at 5 psi. Higher pressures are possible at lower temperatures; contact our engineering department with your application data.

plastic domes, aluminum housing, gasket reflector

Model A


M56 3.25 4
M57 4.62 6
M58 6.00 8


monitor liquid movement, contamination, or discoloration




Special Sight Devices

sight flow indicators for high pressure and temperatureFlo-Thru Indicators

This line of sight flow indicators are capable of high pressure and high temperatures. Observation of liquid movement, contamination, or discoloration may be made by viewing through the in-line windows. Pressure ratings are 1,500-6,000 P.S.I. at operating temperatures to +250°F (+121°C).

spanner wrench sight window

Model Thread A


C D Sq. E
M333-2 ¾-14 NPT 3.12 .75 1.31 1.62 .75
M1358-4 1-11 ½ NPT 3.50 .94 - 2.00 -
M1358-6 1 ¼-11 ½ NPT 3.85 1.31 - 2.12 -
M1358-8 1 ½-11 ½ NPT 4.36 1.63 - 2.50 -

liquid level gauges for non-conventional wrench installationSpanner Wrench Sight Windows

These liquid level gauges are recommended for MS/SAE port installations or where conventional wrench installation is not practical. Construction is identical to the standard fused line shown on page 1. Units can be provided with stainless steel reflector. Specify "C" suffix for reflector.

Model Thread


W107 ¾-16 UNF MS33656-8 .50 .94 .72 .21 .58
W110 1 1/16-12 UNF Ms33656-12 .75 1.25 .96 .39 .50
W197 1 5/16-12 UN MS33656-16 .94 1.56 1.25 .39 .56

All dimensions are in inches unless other wise specified

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