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Microprocessor based liquid level sensorOur smart, versatile, micro-processor based liquid level sensor incorporates multiple high end features in an economical one-piece polysulfone housing.



Model #
Signal Output (Green Wire), Prism Tip Immersed in Fluid 
3G3283-1  Sink to common (On in Fluid),

250 mSEC Delayed Response

3G3283-2   Open Drain (Off in Fluid), 250 mSEC Delayed Response
3G3283-3   Sink to common (On in Fluid), 1 SEC Delayed Response
3G3283-4  Open Drain (Off in Fluid), 1 SEC Delayed Response
3G3283-5   Sink to common (On in Fluid), 5 SEC Delayed Response
3G3283-6   Open Drain (Off in Fluid), 5 SEC Delayed Response
Optional: Add Suffix "F" to any model number for a ˝"- 14 wiring conduit fitting  

Stainless steel liquid level sensorOur 3G7750 liquid level sensor series sensors offer the same versatility with the added durability of a stainless steel or brass housing and glass prism.



How To Order Model Options
evelPro Intellisense series sensors are ordered
by specifying the basic model and appropriate suffixes.

Sensors are reverse polarity protected

Example: 3G7750-1S1A is a Viton Seal, 303 S. Steel Housing, 250 mSEC Delayed response, 
Output "ON" in Liquid

All LevelPro Intellisense series sensors liquid level sensors
 meet the following specifications:

  • Operating temperature -40°F and +230°F (non-freezing liquids).

  • Fluid compatibility is determined by seal and housing material selection.

  • Maximum fluid pressure on prism face = 200 P.S.I. @ 70°F for 3G3283 series, 400 P.S.I. @ 70°F for 3G7750 series.
  • Maximum load current not to exceed 300 mA including inrush transient @ 70°F.
  • 18 AWG polyethylene insulated wires with 18-inch length (red, green, black).
  • Self regulated power input 5-35VDC.
  • Supply voltage wires (red, black) are reverse polarity protected.
  • Output signal (green wire) is open collector transistor, see chart for signal options.

How to order LevelPro Intellisense series liquid level indicator

All dimensions are in inches unless other wise specified

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