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“High Contrast” Liquid level Indicators

Liquid level gauges for transparent liquidsHigh Contrast Sight Plugs

“High Contrast” liquid level gauges give superior legibility of fluid level regardless of color or transparency of the liquid. They reflect 90% of incident light vs. 30-40% with conventional liquid level gauges. 
Standard materials include an aluminum alloy housing, a borosilicate lens, and a Viton gasket. Buna-N and EPR gaskets are also available.
Standard operating conditions are 15 P.S.I. at +350°F (+177°C). 
Contact Tedeco for higher temperature and pressure applications.

high contrast liquid level guage in aluminum housing

Model A


MS247 3.25 .41 4
S186A 4.62 .25 6
MS248 6.00 .41 8



Sight plugs compatible with high temperature lubricating fluidsHigh Contrast Sight Plugs

Pipe thread sight plugs use a steel body with corrosion resistant finish. Straight thread models use as aluminum alloy body and are designed to take an O-ring seal.
Materials for the sight plugs shown include aluminum body, borosilicate lens and gaskets compatible with hydraulic and lubricating fluids at temperatures up to +350°F (+177°C).

Model Thread


(psi at 70°F)
PM 30 ¾-16 UNF 1 890
PM 31 1-14 UNS 1-¼ 1120
PM 32 1-5/8-12 UN 1-7/8 370
PM 49 3/8-18 NPT ¾ 890
PM 36 ½-14 NPT 7/8 890
PM 35 ¾-14 NPT 1-½ 612
PM 34 1-11½ NPT 1-3/8 420
PM 128 1 ¼-11½ NPT 1-¾ 370
PM 125 2-11½ NPT 2-½ 330

Dimensions are in inches unless other wise specified

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