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chip detector designed to capture debris particles Electric Chip Detector (ECD)           

The magnetic field of a chip detector is designed to capture debris particles which can bridge a gap between two electrodes. This bridging acts as a switch closure for an alarm circuit or "chip" light.

  • Remote indication for on-line detection or off-site monitoring.
  • Threads directly into gearbox drainport or installs in Helilok® self-closing valve
  • Capture efficiency enhanced by use of full-flow housing or Lubriclone oil/debris separator
  • Flexible designs dictated by location and wear patterns in turbine engines or gearboxes

flexible designs by location and wear patterns in turbine engines and gearboxes

Model #

Hex Size Thread Size
3J8520-0  1.00 .875 — 14 UNF — 2A
3J8520-1   1.00 M22 x 1.5
3J8520-2   1.25 ¾ — 14 NPT

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