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The Lubriclone® Cyclonic Debris Monitor

The Lubriclone cyclonic debris monitor greatly increases the capture efficiency of failure-related debris in a turbulent, high-flow lubrication system.

By converting pressure energy to velocity, the Lubriclone separates oil/air/debris. It can be used as a full flow debris monitor, as a deaerating device or both.
Capture debris in high flow lubrication systems


How it works

  • The Lubriclone cyclonic debris monitor uses a restricted inlet tangentially oriented to the cylindrical chamber to convert pressure energy to velocity.

  • Centrifugal force 700 to 1000 times stronger than gravity easily separates oil/air/debris because of density differences.

  • The debris travels to the outer wall and enters a chamber at the bottom where it is captured by a sensor

  • When used as a deaerating device, air exits though an orifice at the top, and oil exits through a separate outlet.

    Lubriclone with debris monitoring
    Lubriclone with debris

    How Lubriclone works - diagram
    Lubriclone with debris
    monitoring and air removal

Product Benefits

  • Full flow feature
    Early failure detection efficiency is maximized.
    Long term particle count trending reduces secondary damage.

  • Real Time Sensing
    Since the Lubriclone is located down stream of the monitored components, debris particles are concentrated and indicated within seconds after they are generated.

  • High efficiency debris trap
    Lubriclone is a high efficiency debris separator without screen clogging complications. It separates and concentrates almost all the particles above 200 micrometers.dual chamber housing, with a rated flow up to 30 gpm of lubrication oil

  • Ultrafine filtration compatibility
    Lubriclone is located upstream of any scavenge filters, and is unaffected by ultrafine filtration while offering very high probability of a “first pass” catch of wear generating debris particles

  • Scavenge line air removal
    The optional air removal capability provides efficient separation of the entrained air in a lube system, resulting in reduced oil dwell and a  smaller tank or sump.

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