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Drain Adapter Mates with Chip Collector
Models 3A7739, 3A7740 & 3A7741
Drain adapter mates for magnetic chip collectors

Part Number  "A" Thread Size  "B" Dim. "C" Dim. "D" Dim. "E" Dim
3F7742-1 0.3125-24UNF-2A ¼" 0.85 max 0.72 max 0.50
3F7742-2 0.4375-20UNF-2A 3/8" 1.00 max 0.90 max 0.62
3F7742-3 0.4375-20UNF-2A 3/8" 1.19 max 0.90 max 0.62
3F7742-4 0.750-16UNF-2A 5/8" 1.19 max 1.02 max 0.62
3F7742-5 0.750-16UNF-2A 5/8" 1.39 max 1.02 max 0.62
3F7742-6 1.1875-12UN-2A ¾" 1.42 max 1.15 max 0.62


  • All components compatible with ester and mineral-based oils @ -40°C to +200°C.

  • Material: Drain adapter = Stainless Steel O-ring seal = Viton

  • O-ring port mates with threaded port per SAE J1926/1 or equivalent.

  • Flexible PVC tubing with a nylon snap clamp can be shipped loose with a drain adapter by ordering the following part number: 3F7742- (dash number corresponds to the adapter dash number, -1 through -6) - TXX (tubing length in inches).

  • Stainless steel comes as a standard feature, and aluminum is offered as an option.

All dimensions are in inches unless other wise specified

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